Columbia People’s COVID Response

Columbia University, the second-largest real estate owner by number of addresses in the city, holder of one of the ten largest endowments in the country, and employer of the highest-paid private college president in history, is asking people living paycheck to paycheck who face student debt, health risks, and housing insecurity to absorb the costs of this pandemic.

We are a group of concerned Columbia tenants, students and workers organizing around the University’s response to financial and housing insecurity in the midst of a pandemic.

If the last three months have taught us anything, it’s that our University is failing us. From a refusal to reduce tuition, or freeze housing, or ensure the rights of our immigrant student population, it is abundantly clear that Columbia is willing to leave its students, staff, and faculty vulnerable for the sake of saving face and capital. 

#CutTheCheck is a 30 Day Campaign led by Columbia People’s COVID Response (CPCR) with the goal of putting rapid and deliberate pressure on Upper Administration to hold a meeting with us and to commit to our demands.

Statement of solidarity calling on Columbia University to diverge from NYPD and its proxies, abolish its private security force, and put an end to anti-Black violence

By Columbia People’s COVID-19 Response

Columbia People’s COVID Response (CPCR) stands in solidarity with ongoing protests and rebellions that respond to the murder of Black people by police. We support Black Lives Matters’ call for an end to anti-blackness, police terror, and white supremacy.

Columbia University is a white supremacist institution that profits from and engages in systemic violence against Black communities, as demonstrated, for example, by its practices of anti-Black violence and policing and its continued displacement of predominantly Black Harlem residents through gentrification. Its recent communications, including the email from President Bollinger on May 31, demonstrate a refusal to offer concrete solutions to a long historical problem of racism at Columbia. CPCR demands that Columbia begin to rectify this failure by acting on our demands for a commitment to anti-racism, which have expanded to include a demand that Columbia breaks its ties with the NYPD and the New York City Police Foundation and abolish the private security force working for Columbia University Public Safety.

CPCR recognizes that disadvantaged groups, including people who are poor, Black, indigenous, queer, trans, non-citizen, and disabled, bear the brunt of the pandemic’s effects. In our fight for justice in the wake of COVID-19, we continue to uphold racial justice in our work. We believe that an important aspect of this work is defunding the police and reinvesting in housing, healthcare, education and community care. We organize and protest with communities of color to demand an end to police brutality and justice for Black people.

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