Our Affiliates

#CutTheCheck is organizing in coalition with the following organizations:

The Digital Abolitionist

The Digital Abolitionist is a platform on prison abolition. We track abolitionist efforts, create a platform for those directly impacted by the criminal legal system, and workshop alternatives to punishment.

Mobilized African Diaspora

The Mobilized African Diaspora is a coalition of Black people – at and affected by Columbia University – committed to organizing against racism and structural oppression on campus and beyond. We aim to use our privileges as students of this institution to fight against gentrification and Columbia’s role in furthering anti-Blackness.

Sunrise Columbia

Sunrise Columbia/Barnard is part of the greater national Sunrise Movement to combat climate change and create green new jobs in the process.

International Student Working Group

The International Student Working Group organizes about issues related to international students. The ISWG is a working group of the Graduate Workers of Columbia-UAW Local 2110.